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We look at some Vastu Shastra tips for placing a wall clock at home

The sound of a clock ticking away, has its own distinct melody and is also a constant reminder of how quickly time passes by. Today, wall clocks may not be as significant as they were before the advent of smartphones. Nevertheless, clocks still find a quiet corner and application as simple decorative pieces, in most homes.

While one can enhance the grandeur of the house with designer wall clocks, it is always crucial to follow Vastu Shastra principles, to ensure that the positive energy and harmony of your home remains undisturbed.

Which direction should a wall clock be placed?

While moving to a new home or renovating your house, deciding on a spot for placing a wall clock, can be confusing. However, Vastu Shastra has the answer. Placing clocks in the directions recommended by Vastu, will attract positive energies, ensuring that your life goes on without any obstacles.


The best direction to place a wall clock is the north, which is ruled by Kubera, the god of wealth and prosperity. This placement will also keep all the financial difficulties in the family at bay.


If it is not possible to position the clock in the north direction, you can keep the clock in the east direction. East is ruled by the king of gods and heaven, Indra and placing a clock on the east wall, will attract prosperity.


You can also consider the west direction for the clock placement if you do not find a suitable place in the other recommended directions. The west direction is ruled by the lord of rain, Varun and signifies stability in life.


As per Vastu rules, you should avoid placing the wall clock in the south direction. Otherwise, it will have a negative impact on your family and finances. The reason is that this direction is not regarded as auspicious and is ruled by Yama, the lord of death.

Vastu for wall clock in bedroom

When placing a wall clock in the bedroom, there are a few things to keep in mind. Position the clock in the east direction. You can also keep it in the north direction, as an alternative. In case you sleep with your head pointing to the south, make sure the wall clock is placed on the north or east side. Clocks with reflective glass should not be placed in front of the bed or the bedroom door. Furthermore, the wall clock should be far away from the bed.

Vastu for wall clock in living room

The lounge of a house is the place where a family fraternizes. According to Vastu, frill ought to be kept the correct way, so they make a positive energy stream. The best area for a divider check in the parlor is the north divider. You can likewise think about east, north-east and west, as options.

Which type of wall clock is good for home?

When selecting wall clocks for your home décor, make sure you pick simple designs. Here is a look at some of the wall clock designs for your home that will invite positive energies, according to Vastu Shastra:

1. Antique wall clocks / pendulum wall clocks: They have a classic appeal and its oscillation symbolises a good flow of energy, as per Vastu.

2. Circular wall clocks: Choose clocks that are round as it is the simplest shape that will help boost the overall positive energy of any space.

3. Metallic wall clocks: The ideal direction to keep a metal wall clock or clocks with grey or white hues, is the north.

4. Wooden wall clocks: Wooden wall clocks are suitable for the east wall of the room.

Vastu tips for wall clock at home

  • Avoid placing the clock in south-east or south-west directions.
  • The clock that you use represents your life. It is important to ensure that the clock is in good working condition, displaying the exact time.
  • Also, the clock should not be broken, or with cracks. Clean the timepiece regularly and keep it free from dust and cobwebs. Discarding clocks that have stopped working is equally important, to prevent any negative impact.
  • Do not place the wall clock above the doorway or outside the house. It should also not face any door in the house.
  • The clock’s placement should be at a suitable height, from where it can be seen easily. Do not keep it too low.
  • Choose the colour of wall clocks, depending on the direction where you are placing them. For example, if you have placed the clock in the east, north, or north-east directions, then, select yellow, brown and off-white shades.
  • Clocks that reflect memories of bad times, poverty, etc., should not be kept in the house.

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