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UNDER AFFORDABLE HOUSING POLICY 2013 till- 18th February, 2019 FOR GURGAON & sohna.
Get full details about – dtcp haryana licence, list of affordable housing licence in Gurgaon & dtcp haryana policy.
Updated through huda website: http://www.tcpharyana.gov.in/

File/Case IDLicense NoLicense Issue DateArea (Acre)Dev. PlanValid/
Renewal Upto
Sector CoveredDeveloper
LC-2295A69 OF 201011/9/201011.26Gurgaon – Manesar10/9/201467DSS Infrastructure Pvt Ltd
LC-2289A83 OF 201019/10/201010.06Gurgaon – Manesar18/10/201493DLF Universal
LC-2278A13 OF 201222/02/201210.14Gurgaon – Manesar1/12/201937CPrime IT Solution
LC-2983A11 OF 201410/6/20145Gurgaon – Manesar9/8/2019102Nani Resorts & Floriculture Pvt. Ltd.
LC-3048A12 OF 201410/6/20145Gurgaon – Manesar9/6/2019104Perfect Buildwell Pvt. Ltd.
LC-3048B96 OF 2017429581.03125Gurgaon – Manesar7/11/2022104PERFECT BUILDWELL PVT. LTD.
LC-3048C72 OF 20192/7/20192.28125Gurgaon – Manesar1/7/2024104PERFECT BUILDWELL PVT. LTD.
LC-3061A13 OF 201410/6/20145.175Gurgaon – Manesar9/6/201984PIVOTAL INFRASTRUCTURE PVT. LTD.
LC-2999A15 OF 201410/6/20146.85Sohna9/6/20192 & 35Randhawa Construction Pvt. Ltd.
LC-3036A18 OF 201410/6/20145Gurgaon – Manesar9/6/201936AAVL Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
LC-3036B74 OF 20141/8/20144.07Gurgaon – Manesar31/07/201936AAVL Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
LC-2987A21 OF 201411/6/20145.96Gurgaon – Manesar10/6/201999APrime Infradevelopers Pvt. Ltd.
LC-3000A26 OF 201411/6/20145.41Sohna10/6/201911VK Motors Pvt. Ltd.
LC-2997A47 OF 201418/06/20145.09Gurgaon – Manesar17/06/2019111Lotus Realtech Pvt. Ltd.
LC-2998A49 OF 201418/06/20146.5Sohna17/06/20195MVN Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
LC-2971A52 OF 201418/06/20145Gurgaon – Manesar17/06/2019107Signature Builders Pvt. Ltd.
LC-2971B127 OF 201423/08/20141.13Gurgaon – Manesar22/08/2019107Signature Builders Pvt. Ltd.
LC-2971C25 OF 201629/11/20163Gurgaon – Manesar28/11/2021107Signature Builders Pvt. Ltd
LC-2969A61 OF 20147/7/20145.01Gurgaon – Manesar6/7/201990Aster Infrahome Pvt. Ltd.
LC-2970A62 OF 20147/7/20145.01Gurgaon – Manesar6/7/201990Aster Infrahome Pvt. Ltd.
LC-3054A63 OF 20147/7/20145Gurgaon – Manesar6/7/201981Manira Developers Pvt. Ltd.
LC-3011A67 OF 201416/07/20149.95Sohna15/07/201933Breeze Builders & Developers Pvt. Ltd.
LC-3051A68 OF 201417/07/20145Sohna16/07/201931AAR Housing Pvt. Ltd.
LC-3001A69 OF 201425/07/20145Sohna24/07/201935Tulsiani Construction & Developers Ltd.
LC-3056A75 OF 20142/8/20146.01Sohna1/8/20196Arete India Projects Pvt. Ltd.
LC-3106A81 OF 20148/8/20145.56Gurgaon – Manesar7/8/201988A, 89AAlton Buildtech India Pvt. Ltd.
LC-3106B27 OF 201616/12/20160.81Gurgaon – Manesar15/12/202189AAlton Buildtech Pvt. Ltd.
LC-3007A82 OF 20148/8/20145.9Gurgaon – Manesar7/8/201963ASunrays Heights Pvt. Ltd.
LC-3074A86 OF 20149/8/20146.19Gurgaon – Manesar8/8/201999Pivotal Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
LC-3059A93 OF 201413/08/201413.21Gurgaon – Manesar12/8/201968Hans Propcon Pvt. Ltd.
LC-2995A106 OF 201413/08/20145Gurgaon – Manesar13/08/201999APareena Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
LC-3069A110 OF 201414/08/201410SOHNA13/08/20194GLS INFRATECH PVT. LTD.
LC-3069B54 OF 20198/3/20193.39375SOHNA7/3/20244GLS Infratech Pvt. Ltd.
LC-3004A115 OF 201420/08/201410Sohna19/08/201914Raheja Developers Ltd.
LC-3150A116 OF 201420/08/20149.88Gurgaon – Manesar19/08/201970APyramid Infratech Pvt. Ltd.
LC-2975A129 OF 201426/08/20145.6Gurgaon – Manesar25/08/201995Ramsons Organics Pvt. Ltd.
LC-3065A138 OF 201428/08/20146Gurgaon – Manesar27/08/201971Sarvpriya Securities Pvt. Ltd.
LC-3062A148 OF 20144/9/20145Gurgaon – ManesarCancelled vide order dated 25/07/2018108SHYAM KRIPA INFRASTRUCTURE PVT. LTD.
LC-2990A154 OF 20149/9/20145.29Gurgaon – Manesar8/9/201986Pyramid Infratech Pvt. Ltd.
LC-2990C78 OF 201817/11/20181.5Gurgaon – Manesar16/11/202386Pyramid Infratech Pvt Ltd
LC-3005A157 OF 201411/9/20149Gurgaon – Manesar10/9/2019103JMK Holding Pvt. Ltd.
LC-3168A163 OF 201412/9/20147.03Gurgaon – Manesar11/9/201979BRevital Reality Pvt. Ltd.
LC-3169A164 OF 201412/9/20145.08Gurgaon – Manesar11/9/201979, 79BRevital Reality Pvt. Ltd.
LC-2977A3 OF 201519/06/20155Gurgaon – Manesar18/06/2020102Suncity Projects Pvt. Ltd.
LC-3031A12 OF 20159/10/20155Gurgaon – Manesar8/10/202037CRMG Developers Pvt. Ltd.
LC-3068A1 OF 20164/2/20165Gurgaon – Manesar3/2/202193Signature Builders Pvt. Ltd
LC-3068E51 OF 20196/3/20195Gurgaon – Manesar5/3/202493SIGNATURE BUILDERS PVT. LTD.
LC-3174B5 OF 201630/05/20165.07Gurgaon – Manesar29/05/202162Pivotal Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
LC-3089A6 OF 201616/06/20167.5Gurgaon – Manesar15/06/2021109Ocean Seven Buildtech Pvt. Ltd.
LC-3228A7 OF 201628/06/20165.01Gurgaon – Manesar27/06/2021112Delgris Buildtech Pvt. Ltd.
LC-3185A10 OF 201626/08/20169.83Gurgaon – Manesar25/08/202167AShri Colonisers & Developers Pvt. Ltd.
LC-2824A13 OF 201626/09/20168.03Gurgaon – Manesar25/09/202195AForever Buildtech Pvt. Ltd.
LC-2824B63 OF 20173/8/20172.53125Gurgaon – Manesar2/8/202295AFOREVER BUILDTECH PVT. LTD.
LC-3003A14 OF 201626/09/20169.78Sohna25/09/202136Sternal Buildcon Pvt. Ltd.
LC-2986A17 OF 201625/10/20165.04Gurgaon – Manesar24/10/202195Chirag Buildtech Pvt. Ltd.
LC-2991A23 OF 201622/11/20165.52Gurgaon – Manesar21/11/202189Maxworth Infrastructure (P) Ltd.
LC-2980A1 OF 20172/1/20178.17Gurgaon – Manesar1/1/202291, 92Mahendra Promoters Pvt. Ltd.
LC-3282A4 OF 20172/2/20179.7Gurgaon – Manesar1/2/202237DSignature Global (India) Pvt. Ltd.
LC-3246A6 OF 20178/2/20176.31Gurgaon – Manesar7/2/202292GLS Infraprojects Pvt. Ltd.
LC-3246B65 OF 201911/6/20192.45625Gurgaon – Manesar10/6/202492GLS Infraprojects Pvt. Ltd.
LC-3037A7 OF 201720/02/20175.0375Gurgaon – Manesar19/02/202270INFINITIVE ANALYTICS PVT
LC-2985A101 OF 201730/11/20175Gurgaon – Manesar29/11/2022108AGRANTE REALTY LTD.
LC-3298A106 OF 201722/12/20179.96875Gurgaon – Manesar21/12/202268SAI AAINA FARMS PVT. LTD.
LC-3014A15 OF 201813/02/20185Gurgaon – Manesar12/2/202337CRENUKA TRADERS PVT. LTD.
LC-3549A28 OF 20182/5/20185.4125Gurgaon – Manesar1/5/202369OCEAN SEVEN BUILDTECH PVT. LTD.
LC-3351A33 OF 201826/05/20185.9125Gurgaon – Manesar25/05/202379SIGNATURE GLOBAL (INDIA) PVT. LTD.
LC-3020A34 OF 201831/05/201810Gurgaon – Manesar30/05/202376Suncity Projects Pvt. Ltd
LC-3012A45 OF 201829/06/20189.0625Gurgaon – Manesar28/06/202378REVITAL REALITY PVT. LTD.
LC-3755A77 OF 201817/11/20185.6125Gurgaon – Manesar16/11/202386Pyramid Infratech Pvt Ltd
LC-3303A80 OF 20182/12/20188.93125Gurgaon – Manesar1/12/202388AAmira Pure Foods Pvt. Ltd.
LC-3706A82 OF 20186/12/20184.1125Gurgaon – Manesar5/12/2023102Nani Resorts & Floriculture Pvt. Ltd.
LC-3784A84 OF 201810/12/20185.11875Gurgaon – Manesar9/12/202370APyramid Infratech Pvt Ltd
LC-3757A85 OF 201810/12/20185.025Gurgaon – Manesar9/12/202385Pyramid Infratech Pvt Ltd
LC-3775A1 OF 20194/1/20195Gurgaon – Manesar3/1/202493Pyramid Propmoto Pvt. Ltd.
LC-3900A2 OF 20195/1/20199.5GWAL PAHARI4/1/20242Namdev Construction Pvt. Ltd.
LC-3783A26 OF 201925/02/20195Gurgaon – Manesar24/02/202476Pyramid Infratech Pvt Ltd
LC-3748A30 OF 201928/02/20195Gurgaon – Manesar27/02/202490BD Infradevelopers Pvt. Ltd.
LC-3759A31 OF 20191/3/20195.40347Gurgaon – Manesar28/02/2024103MS MAHIRA BUILDTECH PVT LTD
LC-3717A36 OF 20191/3/20195.0458Gurgaon – Manesar29/02/202495-ASh. Dharam Singh and others
LC-3766A37 OF 201928/02/20195.0125Gurgaon – Manesar27/02/202492Nani Resorts & Floriculture Pvt. Ltd.
LC-2978B38 OF 201928/02/20195Gurgaon – Manesar27/02/202481Minda Industries Ltd
LC-3735A43 OF 20195/3/20195Gurgaon – Manesar4/3/2024108MRA Infrastructure Development LLP
LC-3736A45 OF 2019434685.4875Gurgaon – Manesar29/02/202437DSarvpriya Securities Pvt. Ltd.
LC-3786A49 OF 2019436495.025Gurgaon – Manesar6/3/2024112Pareena Builders and Promoters Pvt. Ltd.
LC-3713A69 OF 201926/06/20195Gurgaon – Manesar25/06/202463ASIGNATURE GLOBAL (INDIA) PVT. LTD.
LC-3714A73 OF 20194/7/20195.1125Gurgaon – Manesar3/7/202495SIGNATURE INFRABUILD PVT. LTD.
LC-3731A89 OF 2019435045Gurgaon – Manesar1/8/202489SIGNATURE GLOBAL (INDIA) PVT. LTD.
LC-3738A100 OF 20194359410.25Gurgaon – Manesar4/9/2024110Millennium Diplomats Pvt. Ltd.
LC-3770A103 OF 20195/9/20195.1Gurgaon – Manesar4/9/202470OCEAN SEVEN BUILDTECH PVT. LTD.
LC-4011A109 OF 201911/9/20195.5625Gurgaon – Manesar10/9/202470RAM AVTAR
LC-3730A121 OF 201914/09/20194.73125Gurgaon – Manesar13/09/202489SIGNATURE INFRABUILD PVT. LTD.

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