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Accommodation is one of the primary needs for every person, but those, who have very low salary and big family responsibilities to follow, feel it very hard to buy their home in the big cities like Gurgaon. They always wait for the affordable housing scheme projects launched by the Government of Haryana. There are many government scheme projects such as Huda Affordable projects in Gurgaon and Sohna Affordable Housing Scheme. You can invest money in them.

These affordable housing projects like Sohna Affordable Housing Scheme offer 1 BHK and 2 BHK flats at very cheap prices in comparison of other projects. But to buy flats with such projects, you need to be lucky enough. As the allotment of flats are based on the lucky draw. And those who become the lucky winner are allotted flats on very low prices, and this amount of the flat is paid in easy installments.

In another way, you can buy such flats with such affordable housing projects. Once the allotment is done to all the lucky winners, some of these persons likely want to sell their flats. Sometimes they don’t like to relocate to these flats because of their job locations. Among those who participate in the draw, there are some persons who register their home just to avail advantage of hike in prices. They want to sell for some profits on the cost price of the flats. Thus if unfortunately, you are not one of those lucky winners, you can contact some reliable real estate agents who can best help you find such property owners who want to sell their own property.

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